Sports 4 Tots has made a huge difference to the children in our school. They all adore the coaches and don't realise how much they are learning through the fun activities which are organised each week. The children have been developing their physical stamina and dexterity through well planned skills-based lessons. Sports 4 Tots provide colourful age-appropriate resources and make every lesson engaging. This provision should be funded for all young children - it is great to see 2-5-year-olds so active and excited by sport, especially when we hear so much about child obesity issues in the news. Sports 4 Tots has got the balance right. I would recommend them to everyone.
St Paul's Cray Primary School
Assistant Head Teacher
Sports 4 Tots have been consistently carrying out weekly sports sessions for our pre-school children for around 18 years. They are very inclusive and bring a variety of well maintained, colourful equipment which is plentiful and enough for every child to enable them to join in. Sports 4 Tots carry out structured lesson plans which cover a wide variety of sports which range from tag rugby to tennis and golf. This challenges the children as they learn new skills relating to the sport. Our children are often physically and mentally strong as they experience such positivity from sport which is noticeable in their learning. It is a pleasure to have Sports 4 Tots as part of our extra-curricular activities for our children.
Summerfield House Day Nursery
My son loves coming to Sports 4 Tots. The team are so patient and communicate so well with the children. Every class is so clever the way they adapt all sports into a way young children can understand. The children get encouragement through the class and parents can join in if the children are feeling shy. Would 100 percent recommend this class, my son can't wait to go every week.
Fantastic company. My son looks forward to his Sports 4 Tots session every week - he's always coming home with new skills to show us. The team are great and I can see how George has grown in confidence.
Both my sons have attended Sports 4 Tots at their school and they have absolutely loved the sessions. It's a great opportunity to try lots of different sports and activities. Not only do they learn the skills needed for each particular sport, they also learn good ethics and sportsmanship.
Fabulous classes run by an incredible team. My son and daughter both love coming to Sports 4 Tots and get excited about what new sports and skills they are going to learn every Saturday. As a parent it's beautiful to see children with such a love and excitement for sport and being active. A class that's fully inclusive, fun and active, can't recommend it enough.