Breakfast, Lunchtime and After School Clubs

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We can provide extra-curricular breakfast, lunchtime and after school clubs.


Breakfast Clubs:

Wake up and shake up. Early morning exercise is proven to stimulate the brain and aid learning. These typically last for 30-45 mins and are usually delivered indoors. Sessions are generally multi-sports based with an emphasis on getting active, learning core fundamental skills, having fun and getting ready for a day of learning.


Lunchtime Clubs:

A fun and active fast paced 30 minute session within the school lunch break. These can be multi-sport or sport specific. They can be delivered indoors or outdoors and are planned and run by our coaches. We supply all the required equipment and always ensure that every child has equipment.


After school clubs:

A great way to end the day, our after school clubs are typically 60 minutes long. Sessions are generally multi-sports based but can be sport specific to accommodate your school teams requirements. With an emphasis on fun and providing a safe and engaging environment they are an ideal way to end the day and provide extra care for the pupils and families that need it.


Pricing and set up

Payment for our extra-curricular clubs can be either direct from the school or by parents via our secure booking system.

If payment is made by the school then we can invoice monthly or termly.

If payment is made by the parent, we supply all the marketing leaflets and the parent’s book direct with us via our secure website leaving no admin work for school staff.

Please contact us for our latest prices.


What should I do next?

Speak to us today via email, telephone or the contact form.

We can arrange a completely FREE demonstration lesson to take place in your school. This will show you exactly what we have to offer and how we can help the children in your school get active and start a lifelong love of sport and healthy living.